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Achieving ExcellenceIn Dual Credit Programs

Praise Amzat

2024 Covenant Chapel College & Technical Education Advocacy Seminar

23 March 2024



What is EC?


Achiving Success!




Time Management












My name is Praise Amzat. I am a junior and Valedictorian of Class of 2025I am part of the third graduating class of the Early College at Thurgood Marshall High School. In my years of high school, I have been a part of the school's swim team, volleyball team, tennis team, choir, ASA, Student Wellness Coalition, Peer Assistance and Leadership, and National Honor Society.All while maintaining the academic position as an "A" Honor Roll student.

1. Early College vs. Dual Credit

What is Early College/Dual Credit?

The Early College program allows students to pursue an associate's degree while simultaneously obtaining their high school diploma.The way this works is the student is enrolled in classes under a community college that will give them both the high schiol and college credit. If successful, at the end of their four years, they will earn both degrees. Dual credit does not always equate early college. The oppurtunity to gain college credits will not always assure the full degree.

Both of these options have potential to save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars and oppurtunity to gain college credits.

2. Balance

The Need For Balance Is Imperative.

  • Being able to balance all aspects of your life is KEY to success
  • Know your capacity
  • Once you know what you can handle, dedicate.
  • Prioritize your health; It is not a backseat passenger

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3. Objectives

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TIme Management

TIme Management is essentiial to success

  • Have a schedule
  • Knowing what is coming next and when
  • Ensure assignments are always done + submitted on time


  • keep track of deadlines, assignments and course materials
  • Clean environment, clean mind
  • Set goals, strive toward them
  • Clean cyberspace

Self Inspection

Learning your distractions

  • What type of environment do i focus most in?
  • What motivates me to do better

Learn Yourself

  • What subjects are easier? Which require more time from me?
  • What things do I enjoy? How can I implement this in my success plan.
  • Know your goals. What am I striving for?


the journey of advanced education, it is important that one will have support. Surroundings Matter

Likeminded peers

Surrounding yourself with people who strive to be better will naturally make you want to do more. It will motivate you to always be better than the person you were yesterday

Non-Academic Routines/Hobbies

Find things to surround yourself with outside of academics. It can become swallowing, but this will provide you with healthy and productive breaks. Learning when to take a break is part of this. Burnout is real !

8. Development


Holding yourself accountable can be hard, but it is crucial. Completing all of these things will mean nothing if not maintained through routine.

It will not always be easy, but it will be worth it


9. Conclusions

Manage Time Wisely

Organization and time management are essential when putting together a schedule for success. Knowing when you have time and when to create time makes all the difference. Bringing balance is needed for peace of mind and this is a way to do so.

Establish a Support System

Having both an internal and external support system will bring only benefits. There is no disadvantage to having this. Have a routine, associate with the right people, and learn when to rest..

Remain Disciplined

To get through this journey of education, motivation will not always be enough. The need for discpline is imperative in every way; from the little things to the grand ones.

Thank you!

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