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Making Genially Work for Your Topic

Overview of Tools

Interactive Map

Mystery/Crime Scene


Genially has a few basic elements that can be used in a lot of different ways.

Things that you can animate or make interactive

Basic audience participation

Graphs & things

Scroll down for backgrounds.

The side bar menu is pretty straightforward. Where do you think you might find a .gif?

Genially has 3 different functions that add variety and interactivity. They are:

"Dragging in view mode"This allows items to be moved around while viewed as a presentation. For text, it's in the upper right hand corner. For pictures, it moves to the left.

Each item you add to your page has two different functions, as you will see with this next example.

How & when words/pictures appear

Allows pictures & words to move continuously

Removes things from the slide

Animation choices will be here. They will change depending on how you're using them.


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This is an example of a tooltip.

This will take the viewer to a different page in the presentation.

This will take the viewer to a different page in the presentation.

Makes a sound.

This will take the viewer to a website outside of Genial.

This is an example of a tooltip.

Interactive Map

You can create an interactive map using the infographic option or the interactive photo option. Take a look at some of the examples to get some ideas. You can use multiple pages for both.

1) Choose a photo to use as the background for your map. (You can have multiple pages.)

You can make buttons using Canva to navigate your map.

Creating a side bar that's in the same color as the next page can give the impression that your page is expanding.

Table of Contents

Set the scene & add interactive "evidence."

3/15/202411:17 AM37 hours since Wendy disappeared

Interview Ronald

Try to find the Burger King.

Try to find Jack.

Jack passes out before you can ask who stabbed him. You have all of the information you're getting. It's time to act.

Who's getting arrested?

You call for an ambulance for Jack and arrest Ronald, as that's the only thing that makes sense. Forensics determines that the knife is covered in Jack's blood, and Ronald is sentenced to making happy meals in prison for the next 10-15 years. Turns out they'd been feuding for months.Wendy is never found.

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Table of Contents

The Burger King's behavior was suspicious at best, but you have a more pressing emergency on your hands on that moment. You summon an ambulance for Jack and a second police car for Ronald, who was seen stabbing Jack by multiple witnesses. Then, you go to the King's burger castle, where you are shocked to find Wendy braiding her hair, perfectly safe and unharmed. It turns out that she and the King heard Jack and Ronald had scheduled some serious business. so they conspired to frame them for her murder and run off with the insurance payout. Also, the King has an unnatural number of mannequins around his home.

Try Again

Table of Contents

You arrest a guy who's bleeding to death, so naturally, he dies in your car. His murderer, the guy in the clown outfit (duh), runs off and is never found. Wendy is never found, either. You are fired for incompetence and sued by the Society of Spherical Heads.

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Table of Contents

He's been a cranky clown ever since Jack left him for... I can't remember her name, but that guy has a thing for redheads.

How will you be today?

What can you tell me about Ronald?

I don't like to spread rumors, but I've heardshe's a bit of a hussy.

What can you tell me about Wendy?

Jack's out of the box again.

Why were you hiding?

Are you bleeding?

What do you know about Wendy?

What's your relationship with Ronald McDonald?




I hate redheads.

It's ketchup.

The burger hustle stops for no crime.

Did you see anything suspicious?

Why are you holding a knife?

I saw the Burger King carrying a mannequin with red hair.

Is that blood?

Bada ba ba ba!

You can change the direction of your animations, slow them down, and use a timer to display them.

Choose a circle frame. Dragging a picture over it will put it in the frame.

Add a border.

Download it as a .png with a transparent background.



First, let's take a look at the different options for animating the things on your page.