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My Data Folder A folder I've created on my computer I bring data for all my jobs into this location

My Job Folder A folder I've created in my Data folder This is where I will save my raw data from the flights This is also where I will save my processing outputs later on

Mission Folder Contains the raw data from the drone One folder for each flight mission

Raw Folder Raw data collected during the flight The Pulse Processor will use the files to process the data *Changing the location of these files or the names of these files could result in processing errors

Images Folder Contains all of the images collected during the flight

Other Mission Folders The raw data from the other missions I flew for this job

.dat File Raw lidar data collected during the flight

Flight Log This contains data pertaining to flight performance

T04 File The flight path for the flight Data from the flight system GPS

Meta Data Contains informations about the Drone Drone serial number, boresight values, etc.

Pulse Processor Executable Opens the application you have installed on your computer