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Convert 3/4 of a yard into feet. a) 3 feet b) 1.5 feet c) 2 feet d) 2.25 feet

What is the equivalent of 1 mile in yards? a) 1,760 yards b) 500 yards c) 1,000 yards d) 2,000 yards

How many cups are in 1 pint? a) 4 cups b) 2 cups c) 3 cups d) 1.5 cups

If a rectangle is 5 centimeters long and 3 centimeters wide, what is its area in square centimeters? a) 8 square centimeters b) 15 square centimeters c) 12 square centimeters d) 20 square centimeters

How many centimeters are in 1 meter? a) 100 centimeters b) 10 centimeters c) 1,000 centimeters d) 1 centimeter

Convert 2 kilometers to meters. a) 2,000 meters b) 200 meters c) 20,000 meters d) 200,000 meters

How many meters are in 5 kilometers? a) 5,000 meters b) 50 meters c) 500 meters d) 500,000 meters

Convert 1/4 of a gallon to pints. a) 2 pints b) 1 pint c) 3 pints d) 4 pints

If a rope is 10 yards long, how many feet is that? a) 30 feet b) 20 feet c) 5 feet d) 15 feet

If you have 2 gallons of water, how many quarts do you have? a) 8 quarts b) 4 quarts c) 12 quarts d) 6 quarts

If a book is 10 inches tall, how many centimeters is that? a) 25.4 centimeters b) 15 centimeters c) 40 centimeters d) 2.54 centimeters

What is 1/2 of a pound in ounces? a) 16 ounces b) 8 ounces c) 4 ounces d) 12 ounces

If a pencil is 7 inches long, how many feet is that? a) 0.5 feet b) 1.5 feet c) 0.58 feet d) 0.25 feet

How many liters are in 500 milliliters? a) 0.5 liters b) 5 liters c) 50 liters d) 0.005 liters

If a jar contains 500 milliliters of juice, how many liters is that? a) 0.5 liters b) 0.05 liters c) 5 liters d) 50 liters

Convert 500 grams to kilograms. a) 0.5 kilograms b) 5 kilograms c) 50 kilograms d) 0.05 kilograms

If a box is 12 inches long, 8 inches wide, and 4 inches tall, what is its volume in cubic inches? a) 24 cubic inches b) 384 cubic inches c) 192 cubic inches d) 96 cubic inches

How many millimeters are in 3 meters? a) 3,000 millimeters b) 300 millimeters c) 30 millimeters d) 0.3 millimeters

What is the equivalent of 2 yards in feet? a) 6 feet b) 2 feet c) 4 feet d) 8 feet

Pom left for school at 9:34 am. He lives 46 minutes away from the school. School starts at 10:10 am. Will Pom be late? What time will he get there?

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Maura has 11 gallons of soda. She drank 12 pints of soda over the week. How many pints of soda does she have left?

What is 3 feet equal to in inches? a) 36 inches b) 24 inches c) 48 inches d) 12 inches

Convert 2 pounds to ounces. a) 16 ounces b) 8 ounces c) 24 ounces d) 32 ounces

Dave is 4 feet and 10 inches tall. Emma is 5 feet and 1 inch tall. how many more inches tall is Emma than dave?

Convert 3 cups to ounces. a) 6 ounces b) 24 ounces c) 12 ounces d) 8 ounces

If a rectangle is 6 feet long and 2 feet wide, what is its perimeter in feet? a) 8 feet b) 10 feet c) 16 feet d) 20 feet

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What is the equivalent of 1 kilometer in meters? a) 1,000 meters b) 10 meters c) 100 meters d) 100,000 meters

How many pints are in 1 quart? a) 1 pint b) 2 pints c) 3 pints d) 4 pints

How many grams are in 2 kilograms? a) 20 grams b) 2,000 grams c) 200 grams d) 200,000 grams

Convert 3 quarts to pints. a) 6 pints b) 9 pints c) 12 pints d) 3 pints

How many millimeters are in 2 centimeters? a) 20 millimeters b) 10 millimeters c) 200 millimeters d) 100 millimeters