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Heating comes from the chimney, I would only use branches and trees that are either dead, sick or have fallen. Electricity comes from solar panels as well as from generators in in the river/ ocean, which are covered in artificial coral for wildlife

In the backyard, there is a geen house and a garden where I cultivate many things such as veggies, fruits and plants. The plants serve as decoration, as well as a way to use less perfumated products and a way to get the humidity inisde down.

Windows are double glass to keep the extreme temperatures out. When its warm, they open all the way like a folding window, to le the air circulate, however, there are some individual panels that open outside

The limits of the property, at first, will be clearly rocks, but as time passes, wildlife should grow and utilize the walls to grow up, around, and inside in the crates as well.

To lower the amount of trees that are needed to build a house, the house is adapted to fit in between the trees and those few are still growing, with the construction around

Stone is used as the main construction item, not only does it help to keep it fresh inside, but it makes sure the walls are well closed

Big windows also allow/help to use less artificial lights, including candles and perhaps torches that may heat the house