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Zoey Abram


The Forest and the Trees


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Temperature Change


Global Warming

Miles Silman


Alzatea Verticillata


Alzatea Verticillate

- Alzatea verticillata is a small flowering tree, native to the Neotropics. It inhabits moist submontane forests from Costa Rica and Panama in Central America south to Peru and Bolivia in tropical South America.- It is the sole species of genus Alzatea and family Alzateaceae. - Has yet to be able to migrate

What does this mean?

Its at risk of going extint as tempertures continue to rise

Miles Silman

“My primary interests are community composition and dynamics of Andean and Amazonian tree communities in both space and time. The lab’s current research focuses on combining modern- and paleoecology to understand tree distributions and plant-climate relationships in the Andes and Amazon.

- A professor at Wake Forest University and a forest ecologist- He study Biology at the University of Missouri then a PHD at Duke University- He has over 25 years of experience in the Andes and Amazon and is a founding member of the Andes Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research Group

Who is Miles Silman?

Animals can't adapt quicly enough and the climate becomes unstable

Its bad for all ecosystems

- Increased temperatures and humidity = more diversity.... to a certain extent- When temperatures increase too much, ecosystems are forced to migrate up in elevation to be back in a comfortable climate- Its not necassarily the temperature change, its the rate of the change

Global Warming

Tachinus Caelatus






Overall Forest loss over a 30 year period, That is equavalent to half the size of India

Between 1990 and 2020

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