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Taking Over the world (Taylor's version)

BY: Julia soeder


AN Interactive Infographic on the highest grossing tour ever



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In September, 2023, Swift made an Instagram post urging her followers to go out and vote.

Vote.org reported a 1,226% jump in participation in the hour following Swift's post.


35,000 new registered voters followed Swift's post

In the U.S...

Swift's Potential Global Impact

Taylor Swift is taking the Eras Tour international with stops in five continents. With over 38 overseas dates, Swift's economic impact will be felt well beyond U.S. borders. However, Swift could effect much more than just the economy at some of these international locations.

Swift has generated $4.6 billion in consumer spending in the United States alone, and this number is expected to exceed $5 billion overall.

In Mexico, Swift produced a $61.5 million economic impact in only four nights, according to the local chamber of commerce.

Swift is expected to generate up to 34.1 billion yen, or $229.6 million USD. The Eras Tour concerts has the potential to revitalize the country’s reputation in terms of tourism, according to Singapore University Associate Professor Lau Kong Cheen,

Swift performered six shows at SoFi stadium in August, 2023. As a result, the city benefitted from a total economic impact of $320 million. Swift's stay led to 3,300 jobs being created, $20 million in sales and local sales tax and $9 million in hotel room taxes.

Los Angeles, California

Swift sang at Denver's Empower Field in July, 2023. Her two concerts led to visitor spending that provided an estimated $140 million to Colorado's GDP.

Denver, Colorado

She played at Paycor Stadium in June, 2023. Her total impact was estimated to be $48 million. A room at Days Inn & Suites in Cincinnati went from $72 to $1,024 per night during Swift's stay, according to Lyft.

Cincinnati, Ohio

She perferformed to two record-setting crowds at Pittsburgh's Acrisure Stadium in June, 2023. Her performances generated $46 million in direct spending. Hotel occupancy levels in the city reached 95%.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Not all side effects of Swift's tour were positive. Some city goers experienced difficulty navigating through their home towns due to the dramatic influx of people in town for the concert. This led some people to have to take drastic measures in order to be able to get home or around the city. Such high crowds could potentially cause dangerous situations if not contained properly.

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