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HP SB360 Digital Point and Shoot


Flash The flash helps emit light momentarily to capture an image. It can be set to be on, off, or automatic.

Autofocus Assist The autofocus assist feature helps the camera focus to capture clear images.

Camera Lens The camera lens is the main component of the camera. The camera lens focuses light to produce an image. When off, the lens should be covered to protect it from scratches that could potentially ruin the lens.

SB360 The SB360 was manufactured through 2009 by HP (Hewlett-Packard). It came in three colors: silver, black, and lilac.

HP The HP (Hewlett-Packard) Company was founded in 1939 by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard. The first product the company produced was an audio oscillator.

Strap Ring The strap ring allows users to add neck and wrist straps to secure the camera and make it easy to reach.

Microphone The microphone captures sound when recording a video.

LCD Screen The LCD screen is one of the main components of the camera. The screen is the viewfinder that lets users see the images they are about to capture.

Zoom Buttons The telephoto lens zoom buttons allow users to zoom in to bring distant subjects closer and to zoom out to make up-close subjects farther.

Gallery Button When pressed, the gallery button will open the photo album where all captured images are stored.

4-Way Control Button The 4-way control button allows users to control what they see on the screen and allows them to choose a portrait or landscape orientation.

Function Buttons The function buttons allow users to open the menu to adjust any settings or delete any unwanted images.

Power Button The power button turns the camera on and off.

Stabilizer Button The stabilizer button is used to stabilize images when shaking may occur.

Shutter Button When the shutter button is pressed firmly, the image will be captured. When the shutter button is pressed lightly, the autofocus assist will be activated to take a clearer image.

LED Indicator The LED indicator can help users understand what might be wrong with their camera. The LED indicator can show if the flash is ready to use, if the battery is low, or if the autofocus is on.

Tripod Hole The tripod hole allow users to insert a tripod to secure, stabilize, and elevate the camera. This feature can be used while taking a timed or a long-exposure image.

Speaker The speaker replays the sound that accompanies a video recording.

Battery and SD Card Compartment The battery supplies power to the camera. The SD card compartment allow users to save images that they can open later on the camera or on a computer.

USB The USB can be used to upload the camera image gallery when the USB is connected to a computer.