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Dream Career

- Iara pires and inês santos -- 11H -

The future

Choosing a career path at sixteen is both thrilling and intimidating. It's a time when you're just starting to understand your interests, strengths, and aspirations. While some may feel pressured to have it all figured out, it's important to remember that it's okay to be uncertain. But we finally got it!

1. Teacher Inês

Growing up I always loved kids. Taking care of them, playing with them or even teaching them new things. I always knew I wanted to do something related to children, either a School Teacher or a Kindergarten Teacher.


'' Cause nothing's as good as being loved by children "

So far..

Last year I joined a volunteering project called 'GRATITUDE' where every saturday we have activities planed for some kids.

And everytime I'm free I go to my old school to talk and have some kids fun with them, who never fail to make me smile!

2. Agent Iara

My love for this career came from my family. I always had contact with this profession because I know a lot of people who are part of it. Growing up my godmother used to take me with her to the station and explain to me what she does and the importance of it.



...their job is to watch and protect our country. There are times in this career when you begin feeling guilty, even for the good we can't manage to do or the bad we can't control. The police demands having a strong mind because you can find yourself in a lot of hard situations where people will try to influence or trick you.

Polices are important because...


After finishing secondary school, there's two options, the Institute or the Police School. Personally I will follow to the Institute because it's what I believe is better for my future.

Embrace your role, pursue excellence, and know that you're making a difference.


Every career holds significance, contributing to our society. From the surgeon saving lives to the artist inspiring emotions, each profession plays a vital role in shaping our world.

So, let's appreciate the importance of every career, recognizing the unique contributions each makes to our world. Whether you're following a traditional path or building a new one, your work matters.

Thank you!