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Oral Presentation

VivziePop's also known for Helluva Boss, another animated series that takes place in the same universe as Hazbin Hotel.
Hazbin Hotel 1st Season only has 8 Episodes that have 20 to 40 minutes, and its 1st Episode was released on 18th January 2024.
Hazbin Hotel is an animated musical series created by Vivienne Medrano (also known as VivziePop) that was bought by A24, who turned it into a show presented by Amazon Prime Video.

What is Hazbin Hotel?

How everything started:

But with this single act of disobedience, evil found a way to get to humanity, and as a punishment for their acts, Lucifer and Lilith were sent to Hell, along with every sinner that came after them.
Together, they wanted to share the "magic" of free will with Eve, Adam's new bride, so they offered to her the knowlage fruit, that she gladly accepted.
In the start, there was a Kingdom of Light now known as Heaven, that was ruled by angels. Lucifer was another one of those angels, a dreamer, with fantastical ideas for all of creation, but he was seen as a troublemaker by the elders, and he was left behind, while other angels started to expand the universe
Angels created Adam and Lilith as equals, but Adam demanded control after her but she refused. Lilith fled the "Garden of Eden", but Lucifer found her and they fell deeply in love.
Although Carlie is the Main Character, some episodes focus on others, like Veggie (Charlie's Girlfriend), Alastor (The Radio Demon and Hotelier of Hazbin Hotel), Angel Dust, Husk and much more.
Back to present, Hazbin Hotel is a Hotel created by Charlie Morningstar, Lucifer and Lilith's daughter that believes sinners can be redeemed and go to heaven, even though they're already dead.
Heaven saw the sinners as a treath, so they created the Extermination Day, every year at 31st December, angels fly down to Hell and kill the maximum amount of sinners they can.

The Plot

The Hazbin Hotel

Hell has 7 rings(regions): Pride Ring, the Wrath Ring, the Gluttony Ring, the Greed Ring, the Lust Ring, the Envy Ring and the Sloth Ring, and all Rings have their respective "Rullers". There are minor organizations in each ring, like "The Vees" (Velvette, Valentino and Vox) and Carmine Industries (Weapon industry)

Hell's society:

There are much more songs though, a total of 16 that you may listen to in Spotify searching for Hazbin Hotel Official Playlist or watch the Videoclips on Youtube.
  1. "Loser, Baby" - Angel Dust and Husk
  2. "Poison" - Angel Dust
  3. "Respectless"- Velvette and Camilla Carmine
  4. "Stayed Gone" - Vox and Alastor
  5. "Hell's Greatest Dad" - Lucifer and Alastor
As it is a Musical Animated series, it was expected to have great soundtrack, and here are some of my favourite(along with the characters who sing) in a sort of a short tier list: