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1. Gather your tribe: Play with more players individually or form teams. 2. Choose your avatar: Select an animal token to accompany you on this adventure. 3. Roll the virtual die: Click! Discover how many squares you will advance on your color path. 4. Watch out for special squares: Do you see one marked? There awaits a challenge for you. Overcome it to move forward. 5. Failed challenges: If you don't succeed, go back 3 squares. Come on, you can recover! 6. Win!: Be the first person to conquer the central square!

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Chapter 8: Explain Concepts

Free space

Use this space to add cool interactivity. Include text, images, videos, tables, PDFs... even interactive questions!

Free space!!!

Sarah is giving an informative speech on

In 30 seconds inform us about your favorite musical artist.(remember you cannot persuade us to have an opinion, simply tell us about the artist)

Free space

Is Hulk Informing Or Explaining?

Take 30 seconds to explain the concept of studying improving test results.

Give three examples of


What is the difference between informing the audience and Explaining a topic to the audience?

GIve 3 examples of interations with the audience

Give three examples of what to consider when using engagement tools?

Inform Us: WHat is this picture representing?

In 30 seconds inform us on something you value?

Use the board to indicate what you would write for the title and ey of this graph is it was epicting the age at whichHoward students started college.

In 30 seconds, inform the audience about why we should study.