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Who created the item? Last Name, First Name. Use capitalization for first and last names. Use a period at the end.

What is the title of the item? "Battle of the Bull Run." Use Title Case for proper nouns and major words. Use quotes if there is a container. (photo) Use italics if there is NOT a container. (website) Use a period before the ending quote.

A work that contains another work. "An Article" is contained in a Journal Title of Container, Always put in italics, use title case, and follow with a comma.

Who helped the creator? Illustrated by First Last, Capitalize action and proper nouns. Use comma at the end.

Is there more than one format? (edition, eBook, hardcover, video) Updated ed., Capitalize major words. Abbreviate words like edition and follow with a period. End with a comma.

What is the volume number? vol. 5, Abbreviate volume and follow with a period. Follow number with a comma.

Who is the publisher or primarily responsible for the work? Publisher Name, Write exactly as it is on the work including capitalization. Follow with a comma.

When was the work published? Format can vary: 2023, 14 Apr. 2008, MMDDYYYY, Sept./Oct., 01:30:45, Spring 2023, Follow with a comma.

Where did you find the information? p. 22. (single page) pp. 31-45. (multiple pages) www.saladoisd.org. (no https://) Accessed 1 Oct. 2022. (no publication date) Put as much information as you can and end with a period.

If there is missing information, go to the next element in the list. Always end with a period. If you use a citation generator, check all of the elements to make sure they are right - capitalization, punctuation, italics, quotes, and abbreviations.