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Business Development Activities

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Business Development Activities

Framed all activities in a work methodology and a business development plan with well-defined objectives, aligned with the organizational objectives and the global strategy of the company, thus avoiding the improvisation that can lead to mistakes that harm the company


It means establishing a particular form of permanent collaboration between two or more companies or partners for the development of resources and differential capacities, which the parties, individually, are not in a position to develop in a competitive and strategic way.A permanent link is formed, sometimes, with a new entity

Business Development

Business development refers to multidisciplinary management for the definition of products and services, aimed at strengthening its commercialization. Definition of new opportunities, creation of needs and design of an alliance strategy. The business development manager defines how the business should evolve so as not to stagnate, to continue growing. Don´t confuse business development with marketing or sales


Is the process of bringing about new ideas, methods, products, services, or solutions that have a significant positive impact and value. It involves transforming creative concepts or solutions into tangible outcomes that improve efficiency, and effectiveness, or address unmet needs.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur building a business or an employee looking for ways to grow and advance your career, questions are very powerful. Always ask questions. Specifically, questions that start with ‘why’ and challenge common ways of thinking.The more questions you ask, the more answers you’ll receive and the more solutions you’ll uncover. But it’s important to be asking the questions that nobody else is asking. By simply asking a different question, you can open up the possibility of having dozens of different answers and ways to solve a problem.That is the power of thinking differently.

You can choose how much and how drastic of an action you want to take to get that opportunity, it could be anything from self-improvement to networking, but you still need to take that action to attain the opportunity It´s not a matter of creating them but becoming aware of them. They are often there in front of us all the time, but we do not recognize them. Seeing them and recognizing them requires a change of mindset. How to create opportunities? 1. You need to define what you want. If you don’t know what exactly you want, how can you get it? When you know what you want, you will recognize the opportunities. 2. Visualize your goal as already accomplished. Feel it, and enjoy it. This will motivate and energize you to make it real. When you have motivation, energy, and enthusiasm, you see opportunities you haven’t seen before. People you meet would sense your enthusiasm and would open new doors for you.

Define the strategy

Building a successful business development strategy involves understanding your target market, analyzing your competition, setting realistic goals and objectives, identifying potential business development opportunities, using technology to help leverage the planning process, developing a plan, and implementing and monitoring the plan.By following these steps and staying focused on your goals, you can build a strong foundation for business growth and success. Remember, a well-defined and effective business development strategy is key to achieving sustainable growth and gaining a competitive edge in today's rapidly evolving business landscape.

The opportunities that present themselves can be the key to success, and it's important to know how to recognize them and make the most of them. Different people have different perspectives on what makes an opportunity, so it's vital to have a broad understanding of what to look for.Identifying opportunities is the first step in seizing them. Opportunities can come from anywhere, whether it's a problem that needs solving, a new market that's emerging, or a new technology that's disrupting an industry. It's essential to have an open mind and be willing to look at things from different perspectives. Opportunities are fleeting, and it's essential to act quickly when one presents itself. Acting fast can mean the difference between seizing an opportunity and missing out on it. It's important to have a plan in place and be ready to execute it at a moment's notice. Seizing opportunities is an essential part of business development. Remember, opportunities can come from anywhere, so it's essential to keep your eyes and mind open and be ready to act when the time is right.