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10th Grade - Marketing The 7 P's of MarketingRebecca Bookout

Hi class! You will enjoy this interactive lesson on the 7 P's of the Markering Mix. Find the 11 learning points, including a hidden gem link!As you follow the path through the marketing journey, you will discover the concepts and value of each piece to the mix. You will gain an understanding which will enable you to teach these concepts through a colloborative and professional presentation.By clicking each button you will unlock the wonders of Marketing. Be sure to take notes to look back on as you will soon create a presentation with your teammates!

The 7 Ps of Marketing entered the business scene in 1960!


On this page you will discover the "Hidden Gem". Search the page for a link for the reveal. Then click the "Gem" to answer the question above! Have Fun!

PriceThe Price element of the 7Ps covers the cost of goods or services. The price is the amount of money that customers pay for a product. It is important to set a price that is both competitive and profitable.

ProductThe product is an item or service for sale. For marketing purposes, we should consider who it is for and why they would want it. We should also consider and compare our offering to that of the competition. Price: This is the amount customers will be willing or required to pay.

PlaceThis is the 'place' where customers make a purchase. This might be in a physical store, through an app or via a website.

Physical evidencePhysical evidence is everything your customers see when interacting with your business. This includes the environment where you provide your product or service (either physical or online), the design of these spaces, your logo and branding, product packaging, social media presence and more.

Process Process refers to the processes involved in delivering your product or service to customers. This includes aspects like your sales funnel, your payment systems, your distribution approach and the way you manage customer relationships.

PeoplePeople refers to anyone who comes in contact with your customer, even indirectly, so make sure you're recruiting the best talent at all levels—not just in customer service and sales force.

Promotion Promotion is about communicating information about your products and services to your target customer segments. It's usually designed to create a response. As part of promotion, also consider your other communication, for example, to your partners and employees.