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  • Represents a temporary break from the academic routine;
  • Allows individuals to step back and gain insight into their passions and interests;
  • A gap year is a unique alternative route, offering a chance to recharge, reset, and return with a renewed sense of purpose.


Percentage of teens going straight to work in 22/23


Percentage of teens enrolling in college in 22/23




João Tomás Porto nº7

Future Ahead"Now What?"

  • Opportunity to immerse yourself in subjects you're passionate about;
  • Beyond academics, college acts as a social melting pot;
  • A college degree becomes a key that unlocks doors to a multitude of career opportunities.

  • Turns everyday challenges into valuable lessons that shape your work ethic;
  • Opportunity to start earning money right away;
  • Allows exploration of various industries to discover what truly excites you;
  • Is about forging your own way.