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Now that you have an understanding of standard transactions, you are ready to learn how to read the transactions when there are plan changes and upgrades. Plan changes will always result in a sales return transaction of the original plan rate being subtracted from the account and a new sale with the new rate plan being added.

When you read service changes, it is again important to start from the bottom and move your way up. In this example, the customer received and paid their invoice of $76 for the 3/3/2024 - 4/2/2024 billing cycle. On 3/6/2024, their plan changed, resulting in $68.65 being reversed off of their account. This $68.65 was how much their plan costs from the day they upgraded to the end of the current cycle (3/6/24-4/2/24). The new plan (G8 Metro 100) cost $63.22 for the same dates, so you see that sale being added. When you process changes, you must always ensure that there are always at least one return and one sale for the same billing dates.

You may also notice two other transactions on this account. There is a sale for "Installed Gen8 on 3/6/2024" and a credit labeled "Credit PROMO $99". That means this customer had their CPE upgraded by a field technician on 3/6/24, and we waived the standard installation fees for them.