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5th Grade Science

Spheres of the Earth

Project by Emery Everhart


Today we are going to be learning about the spheres of the earth! We will explore the layers of the earth and have a better understanding of its spheres by interacting with each of the following slides. Make sure to click this science unit's vocabulary words to learn more about each of them, and answer any questions that are asked of you. Show me the completed last slide when you are done as today's exit ticket.

Click here to watch a video on earth's layers!

After watching the video, take the quiz by clicking here.






Hover over each word for a definition. Take this short quiz to make sure you have a good understanding of these spheres.


Includes all of the water on earth including lakes and seas.

The geosphere is the earth itself and all of the rocks and minerals that make it up.

The atmosphere is the bubble that we live in... all of the air and gases that surround us at all times.

The biosphere is made up of all the parts of earth where life exists including all ecosystems.

Try to figure out what sphere each of these images are. Hover over the picture for the answer.

You got it, biosphere!

Correct, hydrosphere!

Amazing! Geosphere!

Yes, atmosphere!


You made it to the end of this activity. Click on the sphere involving the geosphere and biosphere. Then show me as your exit ticket today.