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Life Cycle of a Plant

2nd Grade Science Lesson

By: Katelyn Shelton

Objective and Directions

Class, today we are going to be learning about the life cycle of a plant. A plant goes through a different life cycle than humans and animals do. We need to learn the life cycle of a plant because plants give us oxygen. Plants are also a food source for humans and animals.

Directions: While on the interactive image look for seven different buttons. Click on each button to review the information about the life cycle of a plant. Hint: one of the buttons is invisable so drag your mouse across the screen to find it!

Plants start their lives as tiny seeds. Seeds become plants with stems, leaves, and roots by the end of the cycle. Seeds are protected by a hard outside coat. Seeds need soil, water, sunlight, and a warm temperature to grow.

A cotyledon is the first leaf of a plant embryo. It is the first part of a plant to grow from the seed. The cotyledon helps give the plant embryo the nutrients it needs. The cotyledon is a very important part in growing a plant.

The five key stages of a plant that makes a flower life cycle are seed, cotyledon, seedling, adult plant, and flower. These five stages happen every time to make a plant grow. Different plants take different amounts of time to complete all 5 stages. All stages in the plant life cycle are important and always follow in the same order.

Watch this video. After watching, what color is the flower at the end of the video?

Flowers are the last phase in a plant's life cycle. Do flowers make seeds so that new plants can grow?