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By Hailey Kelson

anime comic

How to disaper and never be found

Hey Ava Have you heard of this book How to dispaper and never be found ? It is by Sare Nickerson.

No I have not what is the settings of the book ?

It was a good book I liked how the settings was changing .

The setting chnages but the main one is at her dads old house and her moms also Boyds house .

And her other youngr sister is the one that stayed home with her mom her mom dose not talkk that much or care that much either .

Well Margert was the one who ran away from home She is the brave one and nice also funny .

What about her sister or family did she have one ?

I want to know more about the character's tell me about them.


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Also the one probelm was that they where trapped by th e rat man and Margets sister came looking for them ,

It sounds scary but it was a good book.


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Moon and sun





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