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[The scene opens in a bustling marketplace. JENNY and LISA, two enthusiastic shoppers, are browsing through various stalls.]Jenny: [Excitedly] Oh my gosh, Lisa, look at all these sales! I feel like a kid in a candy store! Lisa: [Laughing] Tell me about it! I could spend hours here, especially if there are deals involved! [They spot a colorful stall with a sign that reads "Heavenly Discounts - Salvation Sale." A quirky SALESLADY is enthusiastically promoting her merchandise.] Saleslady: Step right up, ladies! Welcome to the Divine Discount Sale! Get your eternal salvation at unbeatable prices! Jenny: [Perking up] Salvation on sale? Now that's a bargain I can't resist! Lisa: [Teasingly] I wonder if they have a "buy one, get one free" deal on forgiveness! [They approach the Saleslady, who greets them with a big smile.] Saleslady: Ladies, you're in luck! Our salvation packages come with bonus blessings and heavenly perks! Jenny: [Holding up a Bible verse card] Wow, these verses are like shopping coupons for the soul! Lisa: [Giggling] Do they come with a money-back guarantee if I change my mind? Saleslady: [Winking] Of course not, dear! But act now, and I'll throw in a complimentary halo! Jenny: [Playfully trying on an invisible halo] Ooh, I can already feel the divine glow! Lisa: [Laughing] I bet it goes great with my new shoes! [Just then, they hear a commotion from a nearby stall where an ANGRY CUSTOMER is arguing with another vendor.] Angry Customer: This is outrageous! I demand a refund for my broken halo! Jenny: [Whispering to Lisa] Uh-oh, looks like someone's having a heavenly meltdown! Lisa: [Suppressing laughter] Let's make a run for it before our shopping spree turns into divine intervention! [They exchange amused glances and discreetly slip away from the Salvation Sale, continuing their shopping adventure in the bustling marketplace.] [End scene with cheerful music fading out.]

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