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You Should Donate toand why


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11. Q&A

10. Conclusion

9. Call to Action

8. How Else You Can Help

7. Transparency and Accountability

6. Local Charities

5. International Charities

4. Choosing a charity

3. Statistics

2. Why Donate?

1. Introduction

What isa Charity?

In 2017, an anonymous donor gifted $86 million in Bitcoin through the Pineapple Fund

  • A charity is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving public needs and improving societal well-being
  • charities rely on voluntary contributions, such as donations and volunteer efforts
  • address specific issues like humanitarian aid, healthcare, education, and environmental conservation.
  • Charities play a vital role in making a positive impact on communities and addressing various societal challenges.

What is a Charity?

Donating aligns with personal values and principles, allowing individuals to express their compassion and commitment to making the world a better place

Personal Values

By supporting a cause you believe in, you actively contribute to efforts that bring about positive change and advancements in critical areas

Creating Change

In many countries, charitable contributions are tax-deductible, offering a financial incentive for donors while benefiting organizations in need

Tax Deductions

Studies suggest that engaging in charitable giving can lead to improved mental and emotional well-being, providing a sense of purpose and fulfillment

Health Benefits

Charitable donations help support local communities, fostering a sense of solidarity and shared responsibility for societal well-being

Community Support

Charitable donations can have a global reach, aiding international organizations in addressing global challenges

Global Impact

Why you should donate

In 2017, the largest source of charitable giving came from individuals at $281.86 billion, or 72% of total giving; followed by foundations ($58.28 billion/15%), bequests ($30.36 billion/8%), and corporations ($18.55 billion/5%).

CharityStatistics 2023

Look for organizations with transparent financial reporting and low administrative costs.

Evaluate the charity's track record and effectiveness in creating positive change.

Choose a charity whose mission resonates with your values and passions.

Financial Transparency

Impact Metrics

Mission Alignment

Careful charity selection ensures impactful giving and active participation in creating positive change

Choosing a charity





End Hunger

Cover a broad spectrum of issues, including poverty, health, education, human rights, and disaster relief on a worldwide scale

International Charities

World Health Organization


Friends of animals

Heifer International

Action Against Hunger

Refood Porto fights hunger and food waste in Porto by collecting surplus food and redistributing it to those in need, all through a volunteer-driven model. Their work promotes sustainability and strengthens the community

AACCCVC in Viana do Castelo, Portugal, aids vulnerable children and families through basic necessities, education, and healthcare, relying on volunteers and community partnerships for support.

Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa - Delegação de Aveiro, offers vital aid and social support in Aveiro. Through diverse programs like disaster response, first aid training, blood donations, and social initiatives, they alleviate suffering and promote dignity, embodying humanitarian principles for community resilience

Local Charities




  • Governance and Leadership
  • Impact Assessments
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Financial Transparency
  • Mission and Impact Transparency
  • Governance and Leadership

Encourage your workplace to establish partnerships or sponsorships with the charity

Corporate Partnerships


Participate in charity-hosted events, conferences, or workshops to show your support

Attend Events


Provide items the charity can use or distribute, such as books, toys, or hygiene products

Donate Goods


Supporting a charity goes beyond financial contributions; your time, skills, and advocacy can make a significant impact.

Host events, such as charity runs, auctions, or community gatherings, to raise funds for the organization

Organize Fundraising Events


Share the charity's mission and initiatives on social media or through word of mouth to increase public awareness

Raise Awareness


Contribute your skills and time to support the charity's activities and programs



How else can you help?

- Anne Frank

"No one has ever become poor by giving."

Presentation by Beatriz Felizardo and Vasco Alves

Thank you for your attention