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Warframe Farming Locations

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Phobos Junction

  • Refine a Void Relic at the console on your Orbiter.
  • Open 3 Lith Relics.
Ceres Junction
  • Defeat The Sargeant on Iliad on Phobos
  • Complete Heart of Deimos Quest.

Venus Junction

  • Complete Vor's Prize Quest
  • Complete Saya's Vigil Quest
  • Use Fusion to rank up any Mod
Mars Junction
  • Complete Once Awake Quest
  • Complete Mercury Junction
  • Collect 250 Rubedo

SPOILERS! For Second Dream

Sedna Junction

  • Complete the Rising Tide Quest
  • Defeat 2 Sentient Enemies on Lua
Eris Junction
  • Open 3 Neo Relics
  • Complete 5 waves of Defense at Stofler on Lua in a single mission

Click here for a list of resource farming locations. Click on the chart pop-up to head to the table itself to search/ filter!

Pluto Junction

  • Complete the Second Dream Quest

Neptune Junction

  • Complete the Natah Quest
    • Scan strange drones that appear on Uranus (try Desdemona)
  • Defeat Tyl Regor on Titania on Uranus
  • Complete a mission on Uranus with only your melee equipped

Mercury Junction

  • Defeat Jackal at Fossa on Venus
  • Complete 10 Waves of Defense at Tessera on Venus on a single mission.
  • Rescue a Hostage at Linea on Venus

Uranus Junction

  • Defeat Sargus Ruk on Tethys on Saturn
  • Open 1 Meso Relic

Jupiter Junction

  • Complete The Arching Quest
  • Defeat Vor and Kril at Exta on Ceres
  • Do a 10 minute Survival on Draco.

Europa Junction

  • Complete Teshub in the Void
  • Complete Stickney on Phobos to gain access to Teshub
Saturn Junction
  • Defeat Alad V on Themisto on Jupiter
  • Complete Ball on Europa
    • Clear a path through Jupiter to access Europa

SPOILERS! For Second Dream & War Within

A link to the Google Drive Folder with stored guides/ infographics/ maps

SPOILERS! For New War & Angels of the Zariman

Spoilers! For Duviri Paradox

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Click here for a filterable list of where to find the base Warframes!

Created by AceCastle_909 with generous help from the Winter Warframe Community and Leadership Team

Fortuna & Orb Vallis


Fortuna is a Corpus Debt-Internment Colony, built underneath the Orb Vallis.

Vox Solaris

Slight spoilers for Second Dream

Vox Solaris is a covert operation known only to the leaders of Solaris United. It has a known association with the Quills. The main objectives of this syndicate are the Heists, which aim to bring down the Exploiter Orb & Profit Taker. You must have completed the Vox Solaris quest, War Within, spoken to Onkko and become Old Mate with Solaris United. Little Duck will also only speak to the Operator.

Cetus & Plains of Eidolon


Cetus is home to the Ostrons, and acts as a hub for the Tenno who can use this space to interact with vendors and start bounties. The Plains lie beyond, and act as the first Open World that Tenno can visit.

Quills (Spoilers)

Guide to the Plains Map of the Plains

Sanctum Anatomica & Albrecht's Laboratories


The Sanctum Anatomica is the research sector of Albrecht Entranti, located underneath the Necralisk. Albrecht's Laboratories are the abandoned labs, overrun by the Murmer. These areas unlock after the Whispers in the Walls quest.

Cambion Drift & Necralisk


The Necralisk is the home of the Entrati family. The Cambion Drift is an open world connected to the Necralisk.

Wiki Page - Click Here Cross' Necramech Guide - Click Here or Here

Railjack (Empyrean)

Railjacks and their gamemode Empyrean are a seperate starchart that hosts new missions and nodes! You'll either need your own Railjack or to join a crew.


Duviri (Spoilers!)

Duviri is an open world region hidden in the Void and becomes available after having completed The Duviri Paradox Quest. We recommend coming to this area after you've completed New War. After the quest, you'll be able to play Duviri Experience (side objectives), Lone Story (no side objectives) or Circuit. An important thing to keep in mind for Duviri is that it has a rouge-lite element with the loadouts you can use!


The Zariman Ten Zero (Spoilers!)

The Zariman is an Orokin colony ship. once lost to the Void but now stuck between realities. You must have completed New War and Angels of the Zariman to gain access to these nodes.


The home base of the Tenno warrior. A self-built dojo housing warframes, weapons, tools and more. Please find some quick recommendations below.

Clan Dojo

Pluto is a Corpus controlled planet, accessible via the Pluto Junction on Neptune.


Relic Farming Locations

Deimos is a moon of Mars where the Infested are a controlling faction. It's also home to an Open World area called the Cambion Drift, and below that is Albrecht's Laboratories and the Sanctum Anatomica. Click on the buttons to navigate to those areas and more details.


Cambion Drift

Sanctum Anatomica

Spoilers for Whispers in the Walls!

Saturn is a Grineer controlled planet, accessible via the Saturn Junction on Jupiter


Lua was hidden away by the Lotus, and now it's fractured remains are fought over by the Grineer and Corpus.

Spoilers! Lua unlocks after Second Dream Quest

Earth is a Grineer controlled world, linked to Mars and Venus through it's junctions. It also has an Open World section called the Plains of Eidolon.

Earth Resources

Cetus & Plains of Eidolon.

Void FissuresActive Void Fissues for Relic cracking

SyndicatesSyndicate missions for standing

InvasionsActive Invasions, check rewards.

AlertsWeekly missions and special nodes.

Warframe Starchart Activities Icons

Events large scale alerts that can give you specific rewards,

SortieThe Daily Sortie

Archon HuntWeekly Archon Hunt. Post New War.

The Kuva Fortress is a moving astroid base, home to the Grineer Queens. It will move around the starchart using it's Fomorian engines. You gain access after completing the War Within Quest.

Kuva Fortress (Spoilers!)

Mars is under Grineer control and becomes accessible by passing the Mars Junction on Earth.


Jupiter is a Corpus controlled planet, accessible via the Jupiter Junction on Ceres.


A Corpus controlled Planet, accessible via the Neptune Junction on Uranus.


Eris is an Infested controlled planet, accessible after defeating the Eris Junction on Pluto.


  • /warframeinfo incarnon – Get the current rotation of incarnon adaptors
  • /warframeinfo arbitration – Get the current arbitration
  • /warframeinfo fissures – Get the current fissures available
  • /warframeinfo sortie – Get the current Sortie details
  • /warframeinfo steelpath – Get the current offering in the Steel Path Honours store
  • /warframeloot modbydrop – Get the drop sources of a specific mod
  • /warframeign register – Register your ign. Run command again to update.
  • /warframeign lookup – look up a members ign
  • /getlinks (in any Warframe channel) to get the resource link
  • Ask for a link to our Warframe Library - builds and info!

Discord Resources

A Grineer controlled planet, accessible via the Uranus Junction on Saturn.


Sedna is a Grineer controlled planet, accessible via the Seda Junction on Pluto.


A Corpus controlled planet, accesible after defating the Phobos Junction on Mars.


Venus is a Corpus controlled Planet, accessible via the Venus Junction on Earth. Venus is home to Fortuna and the Orb Vallis.


Fortuna, Orb Vallis & Vox Solaris

Alloy PlateCircuits

The Void is a mysterious realm that Corrupts those who dare enter, the old Orokin Towers designed to shield the Orokin from the Sentients. The Void can be accessed via connections from Europa, Neptune, Phobos, and Sedna.

The Void

Mercury is a Grineer controlled planet and is accessible via the Mercury Junction on Venus.


Ceres is a Grineer controlled planet, accessible via the Ceres Junction on Mars.


Europa is a Corpus controlled planet, accessible via the Europa Junction on Jupiter.


The Quills are a mysterious order who serve the Unum. To access them you'll need to have completed the Second Dream an Saya's Vigil. They reside in a cave behind Konzu behind a door that can only be opened by the Operator.

Quills (Spoilers for Second Dream & War Within)