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Amazon has 4 goals which are customer centric, innovation, commiment to operational excellence, and long-term strategy. Amazon customers are typically between the ages of 25 and 50 with most falling into the mid-range of that group. Amazon's retail store rivals include Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and Costco. For subscription services, Amazon competes with Netflix, Apple, and Google. In the web services category, Amazon has several rivals such as Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM. Using KPI which refers to a metric that you use as a baseline to measure performance. They may be referred to in a digital or non-digital context and are typically numbers that may refer to any area of business, including financial structures, productivity, or consumer behavior.- CRM(Customer Relationship Management) Software. Platforms that help businesses organise and track customer interactions, manage leads, and improve customer relationships.Several content promotion channels: It is important to work with several online channels at the same time, to maximize exposure of content to the target audience. This means researching to find out where the target audience spends their time online (Use Social Media)