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Future focus

What would you wear?What questions do you think you will be asked?What time would you arrive?How many questions would you ask, and what would they be?Sadly these are all questions that most people who have never or have little interview experience cannot answer at all or struggle to think of an answer.

If you were given an interview right now how many of you believe you would be ready for that interview?

But how could we combat this?

With future focus we will.

After being able to get your first job you will now be free to do however you please. As you have now removed the one main issue with getting your first job. Having no expirience.


After we accomplished our first goal of getting you a job we will personally train you how your employer wishes to ensure you are ready for the standard of work expected of you to ensure you keep your job.


To start we will teach you how to prepare yourself adequetly for an interview. We will provide all knowledge and expireince needed using fake scenarios to prepare you for the real interview.


Future focus

To start we will use our online community to forecast many educational videos on how to approach an interview. We will also have videos to educate our customers on how to write a CV as this is crucial to being able to get your first interview.On top of this, we will host events where customers can come ask questions and speak to employers, and eventually, we will host job fairs where everyone can find a role fit for them. These events will also include the fake scenarios that customers may be put in during an interview allowing them to know what to expect as well as answer many questions they may have struggled with before. Overall, the experience itself has the main purpose of easing any nerves for any future interviews.

How will we teach?

At FutureFocus once our customers have notified us about them being able to get an interview we will prepare in the hopes that they can get the job. With this, we will contact the employer and ask them how they train their employees and how they would like our customers to be trained.From this, our staff of trained professionals will train you on how to complete all tasks that you will likely be assigned within the first 3 months. All of our staff will be trained appropriately to be able to teach our customers and they will all have an interest in helping others start their career.

How will our staff help?


FutureFocus will have a website where customers can sign up using an email so that they are notified on how and when any sort of events take place. Also, when they sign up they will be redirected to an online community where they can now interact with other customers to ask questions, and also get responses from proffesionals aswell.

Where will we be based?


How will it work?

With future focus we will.

There will be many videos also explaining the interview process (questions you may be aksed, what to wear), and with this after a custumer has finished all the videos and feels they are ready we will supply jobs to apply for.

Job Hunt

After they sign up to our newsletter they will be redirected to our online communtiy. This will showcase many videos introducing them to the course and allows them to ask any questions.


First our employees will need to sign up for an mailing list so we are able to notify them of any upcoming event and so we can ensure they stay active looking for their first job

Sign up

Using an online community the physical environment should be inviting for customers as everyone there is looking for the same thing (a job). So with this, all of our customers will be able to ask questions that can be answered by other customers but most likely answered by our professionals, who would be educated on the course. This will create a healthy environment for all customers as well and any negative customers will be warned about any behavioural issues and if this wasnt to improve they will be removed from the community. Also, customers will be able to leave the community at any point by simply pressing on the leave group tab and unsubscribing to the newsletter.

Physical Environment.


Our target audience is people who are looking for their first job. Fortunately, the age group with the most unemployment levels is the ages 16-24. This generation uses social media the most out of any generation. Therefore we will use social media such as TikTok and Instagram to promote our service. This will start organically at least 3 months before the launch of our service to allow an audience to grow.

How will we advertise our service?


To penetrate the market we will offer our first 3 employees provided at 25% off (£3000). This will allow us to build an early brand image and increase our awareness rapidly as we use price penetration already to enter the market, and then we further discount our customers to build a healthy relationship early on.

Our addition offers.


How can we ensure an interview?


At FutureFocus we will have contracts with every business from the retail industry or food industry. We will look for business roles that require little to no prior experience. This contract will have no harm on the business itself as they have no costs unless they want to hire the employees that we provide. We will do this by directly emailing and setting up meetings with all of our potential clients to sell our service to them.

What is our price?


So at FutureFocus, we charge a price of £4000 per employee we provide.Average employment costs across the UK is £3000. At FutureFocus we provide more than just the employee also we remove the company's training costs completely. On top of this recruitment agencies charge an additional 10-30%. This allows us to use price penetration to increase our likely sales. As well as trained costing on average £1560.

Employment costs can be very expensive for employers especially if they decide to use recruitment agencies.

The entire package will be free for all customers as all of our revenue comes from the employers and their businesses. This is to attract more people as starting many people will be skeptical about FutureFocus so if they have no risk as everything is free they will feel more enticed to have a look and consider using our service.

How much will this cost for the customer?


What are our costs?


At FutureFocus our variable cost is £1600 per employee to train the employee this is mainly the wages of our staff to train the employee. With a £15 monthly fee to run the website.With our price being £4000 this allows us to have a profit margin of 40% with this we can survive from only 1 employee provided for over 13 years.