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Heathers the musical


First death-5,6,7

Second and third death-8,9,10,11

Redemption arc-12,13,14,15


The end- 19,20,21,22


2-Candy Store

3-Fight For Me

4-Freeze Your Brain

5-Big Fun

7-The Me Inside of Me

6-Dead Girl Walking

8-You're Welcome

9-Never Shut Up Again

10-Our Love is God

11-My Dead Gay Son



13-Shine a Light

15-Shine a Light (Reprise)

16-I Say No

17-Kindergarten Boyfriend

18-Yo Girl

21-I Am Damaged

22-Seventeen (Reprise)

19-Meant to Be Yours

20-Dead Girl Walking (Reprise)

Suicide Romanticizing suicideBullying Terrorism Homophobia FatphobiaHarassment

ManipulationSchool violence Friendship School status and its power The desire to fit in RapeEating Disorders

Original recording - 2014 - 20

West End recording - 2019 - 22

In the movie:

In the musical:

Winona Ryder

ryan mccartan

Barrett Wilbert Weed

Christian Slater

Veronica Sawyer

Jason Dean - JD