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Natalie Bartel

Global Extreme Weather Events

( 2023 - present )

Hurricane Hillary formed and moved towards the coast of California in August 2023. The first ever tropical storm watch for southern California reached category 4 status and caused intense winds (35 mph) and large waves. Click here to learn more.

Instructions: Click on the different pinned locations for information on recent extreme weather events that have taken place across the globe.

Cyclone Freddy took place in March 2023 in the Indian Ocean, off the east coast of Madagascar, and in Mozambique. It was one of the longest tropical cyclones ever recorded and killed over 400 people. Click the video to learn more.

  • 20% higher than what was predicted
  • Ice sheet losing 30m tons per hour
  • Glacier retreat has lost Greenland over 1 trillion tons of ice
      • click HERE to see graph

Due to the climate crisis and warming temperatures across the globe, the Greenland icecap is rapidly melting. The loss of glacial ice has servere consequenses on the environment. The sea levels will rise, storms will become more frequent and more violent, and erosion will worsen. Loss of ice and warmer temperatures also cause a complete change in the ecosystem, which directly affects animals and plants.

Ongoing Event

Greenland Ice Melt

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  • Floods caused billions of dollars in damage
  • Farm animals died from extreme heat
  • 30 people were killed in floods

2023 was China's hottest on record

Heat Wave in China

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As the world's biggest polluter (almsot 30% of global emissions) and a major cause of global warming, China is experiencing the consequences of its actions. It's average temperature was 10.7 degrees celcius-- an all time high. The country also experienced record setting lows (-53 degrees celcius) and flooding.

The wildfires in Chile have caused more devestation in the country than it has faced in 14 years. Starting in Febuary of 2024, the fires have affected the entire country. Neighborhoods, hospitals, and historical landmarks have been destroyed.

Chile Wildfires

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Quick Facts

  • Over 130 people have been killed
  • 165 fires burned during the event's peak
  • Deadliest forest fires in Chile history
  • Fire seasons have increased wolrdwide by almost 20% because of El Niño

Seemingly never-ending wildfires destroy homes in Chile.