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This is the cirle of the fast fashion in the world

Circle of fast fashion

Deinfluencing is a growing trend on TikTok that sees creators persuading audiences to avoid excessive consumption as people become victims of often overpriced social media trends.


Now there are no more creators for fast fashion, there are de-influencers who fight against consumerism, that is, continuing to buy clothing without needing it

1. In 2018 only, the fashion industry produced 154 billion garments. But what happens to the ones you already have? They are often sadly abandoned at the bottom of the closet.2. buying second-hand clothes can be very advantageous: you can often find garments that are now out of production or by fine brands at an affordable price.3. if you've been taught to throw away a garment at the first sign of failure, know that the best cheap alternative to fast fashion is to make your favorite garments last longer. "Loved clothes last" is one of the bastions of the fashion revolution.

where do the clothes go?


Content Creator vs Fast Fashion

Chiara Ferragni is a digital entrepreneur, blogger and designer, Chiara, in addition to having optimized her propensities and skills related to the history of fashion, costume and future trends, is also testimonial of numerous leading brands such as Pantene, Intimissimi and Swarovski, to name a few.

Chiara Ferragni

A digital creator, Chiara also made her debut with a fashion blog: her project became successful in just a few years. Chiara, in addition to working on social media as an influencer, is also a fashion designer and entrepreneur. Her brand "Matinée" produces swimwear and beachwear.

Chiara Biasi

veronica ferraro

Veronica Ferraro is the creator of one of the most popular fashion blogs "The Fashion Fruit" with which she made her debut and on which she shares fashion tips. Today it is part of the Fashion revolution that takes place on social media.

We think that fast fashion is not right because just like the word fast says, consequently without quality

Our impressions of fast fashion

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