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How Universal is beating Disney at its own game

Skipping to the front of the line

  • In 2019 Universal announced a third park to be built in Orlando named Epic Universe
  • While halted by the pandemic, building resumed in early 2021 with the opening planned for the summer of 2025
  • In January 2024, Universal officially unveiled concept art and a construction update, providing additional details as to the attractions we can expect to see
  • This comes off the back of an incredibly successful decade for Universal

The Context

-Mark Woodbury Chairman & CEO of Universial

"Put the 'park' back in 'theme park'"
  • Sick of being second best: Universal in the last decade has overtaken Disney in the theme park division
  • Disney has been stagenent, unable to complete projects within projected time frames while having an overreliance on univentive refreshes
  • Universals design philosophy surpasses Disney's own, which is completely risk adverse
  • Universal is developing the future of theme parks, Disney is rehashing the past

The Opinion

The area of land purchased in yellow
  • Universal is eyeing further expansion: It's not just Epic Universe, Universal has two other ongoing projects in Texas and Nevada
  • This includes global expansion, particularly the European market
  • In December 2023 Universal acquired 480 acres of land close to Bedford, England
  • The company has confirmed they are working closely with the local community

The Angle