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drives engagement

remains a challenge

is declining in favorability

needs developing

52% agreed they were satisfied with opportunities for growth 65% feel challenged and stretched in a way that will result in personal growth

45% agree that we communicate effectively across departments47% are confident that changes will be made as a result of this survey

55%agree they have the tools and resources to do their job well 72% agree that we deliver quality products and services on a consistent basis

61% feel Executive Leadership Team are visible and accessible 65% feel the Executive and Senior Leaders communicate well about what is going on


What is our action plan?

What is our action plan?

What is our action plan?

What is our action plan?

Actions for 2024 - Tools & resources

  • 2200+ new laptop refreshes planned in ’24
  • Change Management… Training plans for Liquid Data, Atlas, CRM and Circana University
  • Expanded use of Monday.com to better manage projects

Actions for 2024 - Growth

  • Launch and develop Circana University Live
  • Job Architecture Levels Launched in Q1
  • Communications training at GLT Offsite
  • Product training certification program globally

Actions for 2024 - Senior Leadership

  • OGSP Progress Updates and Tracking
  • Increased local market town halls, listening sessions and focused time during “in market” visits
  • Continued ELT Coffee Chats and Milestone Anniversary recognition

Actions for 2024 - Communication & Collaboration

  • Expanded content, events and initiative updates via Insider
  • Global Commercial Kickoff sessions
  • OGSP Interlock Collaboration reviewed 400+ projects for 2024 to align