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Understanding Changing Needs


Building Talent Networks

Social Learning

Ready for Learning When You Are

24/7 Access

Application in Real-Time

Continuous Learning

Building Business Capability


Driving Interest


Purpose of the Learning Space


Our platform of possibilities

the dbl learning space

Learning in the flow of work is made even more desirable with multimedia elements such as videos, interactive quizzes, and gamification techniques make the learning experience more engaging and enjoyable. Combined with virtual classrooms, discussion boards, and collaborative projects our online learning space can foster a sense of community and engagement among students beyond the physical organisation.

Enhanced Interactivity and Connection

The DBL Learning Space encourages participants to pursue learning opportunities beyond the program they are enrolled in. By offering periodic events that are open to learners from different locations and industries we can help individuals stay updated with the latest trends and fresh insights from experts. This continuous learning approach enables employees to enhance their employability, pursue career transitions, or simply explore new areas of interest.

Continuous Learning and Skill Development

The DBL Learning Space allows participants to access course materials and other resources at their own pace and according to their own schedule. Built with ‘mobile-first’ in mind, participants will be able to access the space on a range of devices, seamlessly.

Smooth mobile learning

DBL encourages learning communities based on location, department, or interests to build the social learning and accountability.The DBL Learning Space allows us to deliver material specifically for these groups as well as providing chat and discussion forum functionality for deeper learning experiences supported by teories of social learning.

Building Strong Learning Communities

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The DBL Learning Space is a platform that we use to support learners who attend our virtual and in-person masterclasses.

What is the DBL Learning Space

Did you know? Using online learning activities can significantly enhance skill and knowledge retention particularly for individuals who face challenges of balancing family, their work and education.

Reporting tools are essential resources that help educators collect relevant data aligned with specific learning goals. The true value of reporting lies in analysing and interpreting this data to identify trends, address knowledge gaps, and make informed decisions to cater to individual learners’ needs.The DBL Learning Space allows us to analyse participation and progress on individual content elements that assists in building better experiences.

Learning Needs Will Change

Recent research showed that almost one-third of employees believe they aren't getting the training they need to contribute effectively in their rapidly evolving businesses.The DBL Learning Space enables employees to keep pace with the changing business needs alongside progressing their career ambitions.

Learning Connected to Business Outcomes