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Climate change

  • MitigationAttempts to reduce the causes of climate change.
  • AdaptationAttempts to manage the impacts of climate change

Mitigation vs adaptation

Mitigation vs adaptation


  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Reduction of emissions of oxides of nitrogen and methane from agriculture
  • Use of alternatives to fossil fuels
  • Geo-engineering

Strategies that reduce greenhouse effect

  • Land management to enhance and protect carbon sinks
  • Using biomass as a fuel source
  • Using carbon capture and storage (CCS)

Strategies to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere (CDR)


  • Designed to reduce the adverse affects of climate change and to maximize any positive effects
  • Via the various climate change agreements, MEDCs have agreed to provide economic and technological support to LEDCs

Adaptation Strategies

Choose two countries: (MEDC vs LEDC)

Assess the use of energy in two contrasting countries. Discuss the choices that those two societies make and explain the factors determining these choices, including:

  • sustainability
  • scientific and technological developments
  • cultural attitudes
  • political, economic and environmental factors
Choose a climate change impact.
  • Predicted changes in those two contrasting locations.
  • Best mitigation techniques for each of the countries.

Create a case study

  • List the stores you would find inside the climate system.
  • Identify the flows of energy and/or matter which enter and leave the climate system.
  • Decide if you think the climate system is closed or open.
  • Draw a system diagram to represent these stores and flows.
  • Can you identify if they are transfers or transformations?

Exercise 2: Climate system