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Please help! Baby Newton fell asleep while his siblings were playing and he's drifted downstream. Sidney can't just leave the rest of her children to go find him, but he's only little and won't be able to find his way back yet. Please be a dear and go find him?

New(ton) adventures

Name: Sidney RivaSpecies: OtterScientific Name: Mustelidae Type: MammalLocation: RiverItem: Pebble

Void of life, this small wooden cabin was once home to a huntsman, until one day he left without an explanation.

The Cabin

No one has dared step foot inside in many years, leaving the wood to rot and the dust to gather. With a little bit of much-needed TLC, it could be a beautiful home once again, but for some reason when the forest council suggested this, the director just burst out in tears and told everyone to go home.

...and a tea making squirell? Oh my! Are you sure you're not just tired and confused? He left some nuts here? Hmmm... seems unlikely. Humphrey's probably looking for those. Whos Humphrey? Oh don't you worry about that.

Acorns and Chestnuts...

Name: Humphrey T Squirrel IIISpecies: Squirrel Scientific Name: SciuridaeType: MammalLocation: Campsite Item: Bag of nuts

Oh no! Mika's trash can blew over in the wind and now all her stuff is scattered around the forest. She spent hours litter picking and collecting everyone's rubbish and now it's all gone. Can you help her collect it all again and put it back in the bin?

Trash or Treasure

Name: Mika Species: Racoon Scientific Name: Procyon lotorType: MammalLocation: Item: Piece of trash

Plus there's a sign so it has to be legit. What could possibly go wrong if you decide to pull over and stay here over night. You're tired, it's a long drive, and the forest looks pretty. Just have some rest and you can finish the journey tommorow.

Calling this a campsite is probably a bit generous, but a couple of people have camped in this spot so it counts right?

The Campsite

For some unknown reason Felix has convinced himself that he can learn to do a backflip. He's a fox. Foxes can't backflip. Please just keep an eye on him so he doesn't get hurt. And if you can figure out a way to make him stop jumping off his cave backwards then please do. Please.

Flipping Felix

Name: FelixSpecies: Red Fox Scientific Name: Vulpes vulpesType: MammalLocation: Cave Item: Dog toy

Barney's lost his glasses and needs some help identifying the mushrooms he's been collecting for the upcoming forest festival. He mustn't get them mixed up, after all, no one wants to get their Amanita virosa and Calvatia gigantea in a muddle, thats a fast way to fun-die (get it... fungi... fun-die...).

Barney's Mushrooms

Name: Mr Barney OwlSpecies: Barn Owl Scientific Name: Tyto albaType: BirdLocation: TreeItem: Spare Glasses

The Lake

There is something magical about this lake. It's hard to explain exactly what though, since anytime we try to ask the fairy she just starts crying and runs away...In fact, she cries a lot really if you try and talk to her. That's why none of us know her actual name. The animals that knew her many moons ago all seemed to forget it after a while... maybe its that magic again.We'd tell you to ask her, but you probably don't want to risk getting snot on your clothes.