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Territory & Memory

Could Pirates reach their ideals of freedom?

Jack Sparrow's arrival

Brainstorming/ Mind Map

Hoist the colours (song)

Read the lyrics, what do you notice ?

00:00 to 1:30 : Listen carefully the British captain, what is he declaring ?.

Pay attention to the people, how would you qualify them?

1:30 to the end.« they started to sing, sir » compare Lord Beckett’s reaction and those of the people singing.Your reaction to this extract ? Give other examples of protest songs, what is the goal of these kinds of song ?

Grammar point: "shall"

Shall : a modal to express the future « never shall we die », often linked with Old English or a more elaborate way of speaking. Shall can be used to express a polite suggestion « shall we dance ?». Finally shall can be used to express a high probability, often linked with the notion of destiny « you shall not pass ».

The Golden Age of Piracy: the Republic of Nassau.

"I'll unman you as well".

a. Read the text and explain who Anne Bonny and Mary Read were.b. Explain why these stories are not reliable.c. GRAMMAR Focus on the last sentence of the text and establish the chronology of the events it refers to.d. Discuss: Do you think it is important for legends to tell the truth? Why?

You attended Mary Read’s trial. Retell a captivating story you heard about her using the PAST PERFECT.

Mini Task

Piracy: the promise of freedom

Pirates's Legacy

a. Watch the video and pick out general information about the event. b. Find out details about the parade (time, day, leader, route, participants).c. Give the other main attraction of the festival. What makes it so popular?d. Explain how the experience is made more vivid.