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Apartheid was a system of racial segregation in south africa from 1948 to 1944

"un vincitore è un sognatore che non si è arreso"

Nelson Mandela





WHO WAS NELSON MANDELA AND WHAT DID HE DO? Nelson Mandela was a civil rights leader in South Africa, he fought against Apartheid, he spend a good portion of his life in prison for his protests, but became a symbol for his people. Later he would become the first black president of South Africa. He fought all his life for the Anti-Apartheid movement and in 1963 he was put in prison for 27 years. In 1990 he was released and continued his quest for equality, eventually becoming South Africa's president in 1994. Before this the world has admitted his work Anti-Apartheid and give him the Nobel Prize for the Peace in 1993- In the same year he published a book called '' Long Walk to Freedom''.

It divided people in 4 groups: Black, White, Asian and Mixed race. white people were a minority but they had all the power and lived separately from the rest of the population. The majority of the population were Black Africans but they had no political power, they were poor and did all the worst jobs.

What apartheid did?