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Dua lipa

born on 22 auguste 1995 in london. Dua lipa is a british albanian singer-songwritter,model and actress .Her family is of Kosovoo albanian origin.She has a brother named gjin is a 18 years old and she also has a sister named rina she is 22 years old.

Album, titre

his best-selling album is future nostalgia with four hundred copies .

Dua Lipa's most listened to song is Break My Heart with 5,5 million of like and views.

his first name is doua.

the first name doua is of Chinese origin which means to shine

début de carrière

Dua Lipa became known in 2017 with the release of her first album which is Dua Lipa. At only 15 years old Dua Lipa leaves her parents' home to go to England and seeks to launch a musical career.

New rules

it's my favorite music by dua lipa

The music you just listened to by Dua Lipa and a set of rules to forget your ex boyfriend. One of the rules is not to answer the phone, not to be his friend but rather to enjoy life.

It's songs revolve around his personal life

dua lipa does not use any instrument other than her voice.

the style of this music is rather (pop disco, house music, contemporary Rnb).

she defends refugees, the LGBTQ+ communities

I chose Dua Lipa because I really like this song and I knew what to put on this singer. In addition to singing very well she is very pretty and invested in this song.

why I chose it

Before Dua Lipa worked as a waitress in a bar. She was introduced to Ben Mawson by her lawyer who dissuaded her from signing another publishing contract that was offered to her. Subsequently he offered her a monthly salary for which she left her job. works and concentrates on his music