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Artificial intelligence

Advanteges of the ai

Disadvanteges of the ai

The artificial intelligence (ai) is something thats worried some people and makes happy other but tecnically ¿what's the ai?





Creation of AI

Boom of the AI

Creation of google

Creation of the first computer

Creation of chat GPT


How the AI can help us?

How the AI can make dificoult our life?


I think the AI can be good for us, but also it can be dangerous, we have to be very conscient of what we upload in teh social media, and we have to put less atention to the mobile phone and more atention to the real world

The creation of chat GPT is a realy near event. Chat GPT is an example of general AI

In 1998 Larry Page and Seguéi Brin create google. This event has been very important because since the creation of google all people who have a mobile phone, laptop... can look for a lot of things in google.

In 1980 was the first conference of AI, and the first expert system came into the comercial market

In 1956 John Mc Carthy create the first AI

In 1945 the first computer was create for desencrypt hidden mensajes.

  • Narrow AI: is desing for do one task and it has the information for do that task. This AI can't applicate the information for other tasks.
  • General AI: is desing for think like a human.
  • Super AI: it will be more intelligent than the humans

What's the Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

The artificial intelligence is a system especially for computers that is desingn for make easier the work of the humans. It can desing, make probabilities, speak with people, make jobs... There are diferents types:

  • The AI can't have emotions, so an machine can never understand how think a human using emocions
  • Hight cost, it cost a lot
  • Losses jobs, a lot of people lost his job for the AI
  • Privacity, we can have problems with our privacity with the AI
  • Humans become lacy
  • Reduce the personal contacts, with the video games and the social midea, we're losing the personal contact

  • I

  • It reduces the human errors
  • It can makes better decisions than a human
  • It can analice things that the humans can't
  • It can do the work faster than the humans, it doesn't neeed to get rest
  • More productivity and eficiency

The AI can help us, the estudents with the works of school, we can find information in google or chat GPT, also the AI can help the workers, it permise, that the workers work in the creative things while the AI are making the work and reduce the human error, also it can make prediccions basing in the before bank movements.Also the AI can be good for the doctors, when they want to do a diagnostic, or for the police for know who is the murder in a investigation...

Why is good the AI?

If we use correctly the AI can be a good thing for a lot of persons

This is a picture that represent how the americans thinks about the AI

We see in this picture what is the time of mobile use for ages

With the new AI we are learning to look for the things in google and in chat GPT, we have easyer things than in the past thats make us lazy, and we don't dedicate much time for the things, we want all inmediatly, an example that is very easy to see is in the comunicacion, a few years ago we have to send a cart for write a friend, and wait weeks or month for recibe an answere, now if a friend read your mensaje and don't answere we get angry.Also with the AI we are learning how relate online, now the some people meet friends, partners... virtualy, instead of meet in person, it could be dangerous, there are many cases of childs catched by bad people or, false identities.

Why is bad the AI?