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After the arrest of Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King organised a boycott to stop the busses segregation. After an year the Supreme Court declered that the busses segregation was illegal.

The arrest of Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks was an African-American activist. She managed to make the difference with a simple act: refused to give up her seat to a white man in the back of a bus.


"I felt I had a right to stay where I was"- Rosa Parks -

The protest of Rosa Parks


When Rosa Parks grew up she began her protest with her husband. But the thing didn't became better. So, in the December of 1955, she didn't give up her seat to a white (in the busses, because of the segregation, the black had to stay in the back, but if there aren't enough seat for white, the balck had to gave up their seats), because she cannot allowed that the segregation continued. In my opinion she became a model, even today. I think she was a very brave person, not only for helped to stop segregation, but also beacuse, even after the death threats, she continued her protest. She have never been afraid by the conseguences.