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Life in 50 years

English speaking

3ºA Aimar y Rocío

what are we going to talk about?

We are going to talk about how we think hollidays, places to live, education and type of transports will be in 50 years.


We know that the buildings are going to be big, they will have 8 floors with escalators and elevators. The teachers will be virtual, they will work from home. There won´t be books, but there will be screens. The children will sit on sofas.

places to live

We think that most of the people are going to live in big cities, also the apartments would be pretty small, moreover the streets will be covered with litter and all of that would be because of the urban crowding

type of transports

The transports will be electric and biomass. There will cars for one person, motorbikes that will have four wheels, the buses will have a capacity of 200 people, the trains, motorbikes and cars will be able to go on water. The ambulances, pratols and fire trucks will have a special road.


The most liked holliday in the future would probably be orbit around the earth, so people could see all of the places on earth from a diferent point of view.


WE HOPE ALL OF YOU liked our presentation