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Davide Assoni

Childhood Memories


Little me

I’m always being slim in my life but i wasn't so tall in facts I start ti grow when i was in 8th grade. I wasn’t so shy when i was a kid,i was more friendly. I didn't care about school since 3th grade

My friends

When i was Little i usually play with my pre-school Friends,but i was only see them at school and sometimes at the park,so I played with my big brothers,but I often bothered him ,so he beated me up sometimes.

My house

I lived and i live in my house,in Bornato that’s in the province of Brescia. It’s a medium house,with one floor and a garage,it’s a little bit old and when i was a kid i have to share my room with my brother.


My activities

I never did any sports,but I played a lot outside. I loved watching TV and videos on Youtube. I liked go play with legos. I had a nintendo 3ds,but I didn't play a lot with that.

My preferences

My responsibilities

I was responsible of my personal hygiene(brush my teeth,take a shower etc.),doing my homeworks,wakes up early,go to bed.

The rules

My parents weren’t very strict,I obviously have a time top go to bed and i have to do my homework,but except this,i had a lot of free time.At kindergarden I didn't have many rules, I just had to do my work then the teacher let us play.

My growth

I started talking when i was 1 year old,walking at 18 months,reading when i was 5,I started school when I was 6,I probably learned multiplication when I was in 2th/3th grade.

Thanks for your attention

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