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Bell Ringer

1) What is a contraction?2) Can you name any examples of contractions?


By the end of a 10-minute interactive lesson, students will be able to correctly form contractions, using building blocks, with 80% accuracy. (5/6)

You have 1 minute to talk with your partner!
So why in the world would we use contractions???
Does anyone know what a contraction is? :)

What is a Contraction?

1. That is = That's 2. There is = There's 3. What is = What's

1. Was not = Wasn't2. Did not = Didn't 3. Do not = Don't

*Drop the "i" and add the '
*Drop the "O" and add the '

Combining words with is

Combining words with not

(Make sure to write down your answers on your paper)

1) Wasn't2) Didn't3) Don't4) That's5) There's6) What's

You have 30 seconds to play your blocks.


Good Job Friends!