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Before you come to the Seminar

Make sure you have

  • Completed your Pre lecture task
  • Completed your post lecture tasks
  • Come prepared to contribute and discuss!
Opener: Think, Pair, Share
  • In pairs discuss, why would you use quantitative research instead of qualitative?
  • Be prepared to share

Task1 Questionnaire Design

  • What makes for a well designed questionnaire - you have 1 minute to send your answers through to the Padlet Time to design your own
  • See the document below on How to Questionnaire for the common types of interview question
  • If you were designing a questionnaire HOW would you ask the following questions
  • Their age
  • Their Salary
  • What they like about their country
  • How they travel to work
  • How often they go to a library
  • The most important feature in a political leader
  • If they think their politicians considers people's opinions opinion
  • You can either use Microsoft Forms (instructions are in the How to Questionnaire document) OR you can try Survey Monkey here for free
  • You have 30 minutes

Survey Monkey

Task 2

  • And now
  • Would you be able to use questionnaires as part of your own research (if you were to do it)?
  • If so design your own questionnaire - you could 'pilot' this on your class mates
  • Remember 30% of your marks comes from that method section!

Seminar 2

Over the last 2 weeks you have been introduced to

  • What quanitative research is
  • The methods available
  • How specifically it is used in PIR
And Now (5 mins each)
  • With a partner discuss the following
  • If you were to actually research your proposed question which of the methods would be most appropriate
  • NB remember you can use more than one
  • NB think carefully WHY these are the most appropriate

Task 1

Task 2

And Now Remember you need to be specific and clear about what you are going to do.With your partner discuss the specifics of your possible methods.There are many things to consider, the below is just for starters

  • How would you select people? (Sampling!!)
  • How many?
  • If questionnaires - how many questions, what type of questions, how would you distribute?
  • If you planned on analysing data, how would you get access? Where from?
  • How long would you need to (from trying to persuade people to fill it in, to finishing)
  • NB remember to be SMART

Log It

  • Remember your research method log from week 15?
  • This is to keep you organized and track your choices throughout your research process.
  • Now it's time to update it
  • A new version is avalaible below
  • This document will be very valuable when it comes to writing the methods section of your presentation
  • Remember 30% of your mark comes from that section