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"Amidst the shadows, secrets gleam, In echoes of a long-lost dream. Unravel truths, unlock the door, The past's mysteries await once more."



You've found the long lost letters of Toussaint: a priceless and one of a kind artifact! Congratulations, Scholar! Until next time...

Welcome, seekers of knowledge, to a journey through history's mysteries. Within these rooms, secrets about the Haitian Revolution await. I'm Professor François Delacroix, here to guide you through these mysteries. We'll explore stories of heroes and villains, victories and losses. Are you ready for this adventure? Let's uncover the truths hidden in history. I discovered this message in my study this morning...

Congratulations, historians, on uncovering the mysteries of the Haitian Revolution and revealing its hidden truths. As you depart from this chamber, may the insights gained and stories shared guide you as a beacon of knowledge in your journey through history. Remember, understanding our past is key to shaping our future, and through the pursuit of learning, we shed light on the shadows of history.Now, find the hidden artifact and collect your reward.

In this room, we embark on another leg of our journey—a journey that begins with the rise of Toussaint Louverture. Watch closely as his story unfolds, for within lies the knowledge that will guide us forward.Click the compass on the left to begin.

Hidden within the rooms are three artifacts, each holding a message that reveals the location of a long-lost treasure from the revolution. To get to the artifacts, endure the challenges each space holds. I'll serve as your guide. Any time we move to a new room, click me to start. Are you ready? Let's begin. Click to continue.

I'm the fate that befell two men of might, Both once rose to commanding height.Betrayed and banished, far from home, To distant shores, where they did roam. Their stories tell of rise and fall, Of ambition grand and the siren call. What am I?

Welcome, seekers of knowledge, to a journey through the shadows of history. Within this room lies a labyrinth of enigmas, where the secrets of the Haitian Revolution await. As your guide, Professor François Delacroix, I shall lead you through the mysteries that lie ahead. Together, we shall unravel the tales of heroes and villains, triumphs and tragedies, hidden within the annals of time. Are you ready to embark on this adventure of discovery? Then let us delve into the mysteries of the past and uncover the truths that await. A message to start...

Welcome to the Revolution's Timeline Chamber, where the threads of history come together to form a tapestry of revolution. Your task in this room is to create a timeline of the key events and milestones of the Haitian Revolution and its relationship with France. Utilize the resources provided to you, including your notes and internet resources, to piece together the sequence of events that shaped this pivotal moment in history. Have a seat at the table on the right to get started.

Now, we find ourselves where the stories of Toussaint Louverture and Napoleon Bonaparte intersect. Here, in this room, we'll explore how they led differently—one valued freedom and fairness, while the other sought power and control.Click on the chandelier to learn more about their leadership styles, as that's what truly defines the revolution.