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We all found that technology can be distracting, though some of us found e-textbooks more beneficial than others, and some of us had mixed feelings on e-textbooks.

Our views on technology as a distraction:

Research Question and Who was researched

  • What are the e-textbook preferences of undergraduate teacher education students?
  • What are the perceptions of undergraduate teacher education students towards reading an e-textbook?
  • How do undergraduate teacher education students view the role of an e-textbook in their learning process?
  • College students' perspectives on e-textbooks and print textbooks for an English class
  • Explores digital reading and self-regulation
  • Found that previous research had mixed results on the effectiveness of e-textbooks vs. print textbooks

What this paper researches

College Students' Preference of E-Texbooks over Paper


Negative Experience

Positive Experience




The verdict:

It's personal preference! Some students benefit from E-Textbooks , but others like the physicality of traditional texts. Overall, E-Textbooks should be viewed as a skill that need to be developed.

-Available search features-Digital notes feature-Lower cost-Light weight

Reasons for e-Textbook and Print Preferences

Reasons for print preference

- Familiaity with the format- Eyestrain with screen reading- Too many distractions when reading online- Connection to physical movement of page turning

Its personal preference! Some students benefit for e-textbooks, but others like the physicality of the traditional textbook. Overall e-textbooks are a skill that need to be developed.

Reasons for e-Text Preference


E-textbooks help some students engage with the text with the highlighting/note taking features. Students also record that they are used to reading on a device for pleasure reading so reading a texbook online was like pleasure reading


Students also record that many E-textbooks have links embedded within the informational pages that catch the attention of curious minds. These links lead students to different pages that distract them from the original topic.

Attentions vs Distractions

Are E-Textbooks a boon or a distraction in the classroom? Well its complicated.

E-textbooks have different strengths and weaknesses for different students that create complex opinions on their use and preference of the technology While E-Textbooks definitely preferred by most students in the paper's findings; there is a distinct subset of students who have valid issues with the technology that cannot be ignored.

Paper's Conclusion

Print textbooks seem to enhance learning, while e-textbooks seem more beneficial for finacial/efficiency reasons.

Reading E-Textbooks requires a different skill set than reading print textbooks.

Highlighted that didtractions are individualized, each student may be distracted by different things. Should not be a blanket statement

Self-regulation is key to overcoming possible distractions from e-textbooks





How did this contribute to how we see distractions?