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  • Offers resources for treatment and care coordination during the visit
  • Offers Naloxone administration training and distributed fentanyl testing strips
  • If a patient completes a consent form, they will offer immediate in-person counseling/guidance
  • Schedules an appointment for the client with an Addiction Medicine Physician or an Addiction Care Admission follows

The Peer Support Specialist:

The Emily’s Hope PORT reaches out to offer either an in-person or virtual visit with a Peer Support Specialist

First Interaction

Emily's Hope responds within 48 hours of the overdose

ER Notifies Emily's Hope

ER Physician administers buprenorphine if approriate

Patient transported to er

EMS or Law Enforcement respond and administer Narcan

PORT Program Details

Overdose Event

The Peer Support Specialist attempts to make following follow-up touchpoints:

  • Within one week of initial contact
  • Then bi-weekly for six months
  • After six months, attempts to follow up monthly for the remainder of the year.