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Wanderer above the sea of fog


In this work, an icon of German Romanticism, the traveller represents the imperfection and inferiority of the human being in the face of the majesty and greatness of nature.

The German painter Kaspar David Friedrich is one of the greatest interpreters of romantic painting that leaps at the power and strength of nature. In his paintings the landscape is the absolute protagonist.

In the foreground is the wayfarer standing on a rocky precipice. He has red hair ruffled by the wind, a black jacket and a walking stick.

In the centre there is a lot of fog, some trees and some rocks.

In the background there are some hills, rocks and mountains covered in fog.

The whole landscape is dominated by light colors.We do not see the man's face But it is as if we were observing the landscape with his own eyes full of amazement and wonder at the grandeur of natural phenomena.