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How to Reconcile from Previous 24HRS

Breif help guilde for all users of the People Planner system.

First Step

On the first screen click on Monitoring tab, Visit / Shift the Monitoring. To Reconcile multiple shifts at the same time from past 24hrs only.

On t he start tiem and end time, if the time is red that means that no staff is allocated to that shift, orange the staff has not booked on or off that shift, yellow the staff still has time to book on or off the shift via the terminal.

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-Tick the last column on the right of the poage for 1 staff or multiple, then click on the green circle at the bottom.

Then Select to book on staff or book off

The shift has now been reconciled and will disappear from the list

Then select what reason the staff did not book on or off the shifts

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