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Work Experience

Hosted a 4-day placement scheme for students from Canary Wharf College. The students were immersed in the design studio's operations, tackling tasks and challenges to develop a well-rounded skill set.

Teachers in Residence

Communicating vital skills

Social Media Coverage

Coverage of upcoming activities across all Design & Technology Association social media platforms.

Look what has beenachieved...

Thank you for being a part of the movement leading the way in partnerships between schools and businesses. This impact report provides an overview of the outcomes and achievements of our initiatives and collaborations. It details the concrete results and positive changes brought about by our collective efforts in education, innovation, and community involvement. The report is a snapshot of measurable impacts and progress made during companies membership period.

Impact Report

Commitment to CSR

Created positive PR for your corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy and initiatives.

Member Profile Page

Member Profile Page active on our Blueprint 1000 website. This gives visibility to your support of our mission to connect education and industry.

Because design and innovation matter

Magazine Article

As part of your Blueprint 1000 membership, ELSE had an article placed in Practice magazine which is the Design &Technology Association publication for teachers. It is read by our 33,000 members across primary and secondary D&T education. There is a further opportunities for magazine placements moving forwards.

You have aligned with our mission to close the current skills gap and supporting education.

Positive collaboration through our Teacher in Residence placements have introduced teachers to the vital skills needed in industry which can then be taken back into the classroom.

Inspired by Industry

We are excited to be partnering with ELSE for the next wave of our 'Inspired by Industry' set of KS3 resources to link education and industry.



Hosted online webinars and a virtual 'Afternoon with ELSE' engaging 39 teachers and impacting 9,750 pupils.

Interacting with teachers through these webinars and online meetings have given ELSE insights into the needs, challenges, and trends within the education sector. These workshops have offered opportunities to form partnerships and collaborations with schools and teachers.

Online interaction

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