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POS Request

POS Request

Whenever you see a Make sure to click on it before going to another slideThis is an interractive course, clicking on the highlight circles will guide you through your learning!Clicking on will take you to the next pageIn case you are lost, you can click on the on the top left Corner

How to Interact with the slide

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Here you can include a relevant fact to highlight

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We are working on our case hereAs you can see, a non essential part is missingLet's Process a Product Allowance of 20£ as agreed upon with our customersClick on the POS Request Tab to continue

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You can Click on Add New to create a new POS RequestYou can also Open and review an already existing Request by clicking on "Open"Click on Add New to continue

You have to inform the customer that he will be contacted within this SLA to have his request Processed

Now I just fill in details with the type of request I am looking forThis should include everything you are requesting, from CR replacement to chargeable Services included

Once everything is filled out Make sure to click on the Green Check Mark to save the POS RequestAnd you should be Done


Thank you

You can select the Request Type you needThey follow the same steps as well