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#ProudtobeVSVictoria's Secret

" We honored to spotlight authentic inspiring voices from the LGBTQIA + community "

" What I am the most proud of ? Myself " " Proud to be "

" I don't owe you a coming out story , I don't owe you a definition of who I am , I don't owe you a name to my sexuality or my preference, I just want to be treated equal and live my life and exist "

" If you change you can accept that change and you don't have to look back and be like that's not who I was, it was who you are "

" Everything is forever until it's not and it's all part of the journey "

" I was very lucky to step into my sexuality without any type of pushback from my family or my closest friends. I realize now how rare that is. It's very affirming to step into that, to be celebrated for that "

" What pride means to me is a celebration of community, celebration of diversity and me celebrating myself and celebrating love and diversity and respect "

My personnal opinion

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