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My travel diary in London

London’s like a forest… we shall be lost in it.(Mary Elizabeth Braddon)


3: WITH WHOM ?With my class 4BD and 4 AD

2: WHEN ?From 11/02 to 17/022024

1: WHERE ?From Rome to London


























The itinerary...


AT 8:30 A.M.


At 4:30 a.m

  • We took the plane from Rome to arrive during the morning
  • We arrived at the Hotel and took the underground for the first time
  • We walked to go see Outernet
  • Then we went to shopping through Oxford street
  • Finally we tasted the dinner in our Hotel

day to settle in

1st Day

  • During the morning we did an Art lesson at the National Gallery
  • In the lunch break we visited the district of Covent-garden, in which
we ate a fantastic PIZZAA!!
  • We walked along the Thames to get to Westminster and see the Big-Ben and the London eye
  • Then we witnessed a celebration inside the Abbey of Westminster

2nd Day

day of culture and entertainment

+ Info

+ Info

+ Info

Van Gogh


Piero della Francesca

Documentation of National Gallery

Sandro Botticelli

venus and mars

Baptism of Christ


it is very difficult to find sunny days in London but this year the weather was much warmer and milder

Warm climate

London remains one of the coldest and rainiest cities where the humidity index remains very high

Cold climate







Month of journey

Medium temperature

3rd Day

  • In the morning we took the boat to arrive to Greenwich and visit the first meridian
  • For lunch break we visited the famous Greenwich Market and then we crossed the Tower Bridge
  • So we arrive and visit the Tate Modern
  • Finally we crossed the bridge to see St' Paul Cathedral

day into the future

FOOD AND RESTAURANTIn this city, it is easier to eat badly than it is to eat well.In the streets of the center there is a lot of variety especially for breakfast/ brunch because you can find many coffees that offer both the classic english breakfast but also cookies or croissants. For the lunch break instead is full of fast food and are very popular markets that provide multi-ethnic dishes.Finally for dinner you can find pubs that offer typical dishes such as fish and chips or more refined restaurants such as sushi.



  • At first we arrived to the National History museum
  • Then we moved to the museum in front: Victorian and Albert museum
  • For lunch we went to discover Notthing Hill and Portobello Road
  • To conclude the day we did a lot of shopping to HARRODS!!!!

day of science and shopping

4th Day

Notthing hill is a very populated and lively and very informal neighborhood. In fact we twisted a reality a bit different from the tourist, then multi-ethnic and more peripheral with the real London life.In the evening to celebrate we organized a gameof anonymous cards in which we expressed our feelings creating a different and fun evening

NOTTHING HILL AND Valentine’s Day evening

Best moments of the day

5th Day

day in the places of parliament

  • We started from the usual subway stop (Fullham Broadway) to get to the Tower of London
  • Then we observed all the jewels of the Royal Family
  • In the afternoon we moved instead to Buckingham Palace and Green Park
  • Then end the day with shopping at Piccadilly Circus and a tasting of the famous English tea


6th Day

  • We are getting ready to go and try the famous London double decker buses
  • We arrived and visited the British museum
  • After lunch we moved and took a walk along Oxford street
  • Then we hurried back to the hotel to get ready and go out to dinner in a traditional pub: THE FITZROVIA <3
  • We finally went to the Lyceum Theatre to watch the show: The Lion King!

day of the show

  • The last day in the morning we did the last walk along the Thames
  • We stopped to have a hot coffee and eat from Starbucks
  • Then go to the airport and wait for boarding to return to Rome

The last day: sadness

Last Day


It was a particularly exciting journey that I will remember forever in my heart!

BAPTISM OF CHRIST OF PIERO DELLA FRANCESCA Piero was the first artist to write a treatise on perspective . Here, he has painted objects in proportion, so that they appear as we see them in real life. This emphasises the depth of the landscape, but also the harmony of the figures and natural features within it. Christ stands in a shallow, winding stream as John the Baptist pours a small bowl of water over his head. Three angels in colourful robes witness the event. At this the voice of God was heard and the Holy Ghost, shown here as a dove flying over Christ’s head and towards us, descended upon him.


Outernet is London's most visited attraction. Outernet London is an entertainment, arts and culture district opened in 2022 in the West End of London. Named as "London's most visited tourist attraction" by The Times newspaper in 2023, it is the largest digital exhibition space in Europe with the "world's largest LED screen deployment".It is located adjacent to the eastern exit of the new Elizabeth line: Tottenham Court Road Underground station.

SUNFLOWERS OF VAN GOGH Van Gogh’s paintings of Sunflowers are among his most famous. Vincent painted a total of five large canvases with sunflowers in a vase, with three shades of yellow ‘and nothing else’. Vincent wanted to combine two versions of the Sunflowers with Woman Rocking the Cradle, the portrait that he made as an homage to the comforting mother figure. Together, the paintings were to form a triptych. The two Sunflowers were the ‘yellow panels’ that would intensify the colours of the portrait. Vincent thought that the triptych as a whole symbolised gratitude.

VENUS AND MARS OF BOTTICELLIVenus, the goddess of love, looks over at her lover Mars. She is alert and dignified, while he, the god of war, is utterly lost in sleep. This picture was probably ordered to celebrate a marriage, and the unusual shape suggests it was a "spalliera", a panel set into the wall of a room. These panels were ordered to decorate the semi-public reception room known as a camera . Botticelli’s picture is colourful and amusing but was also very fashionable Mars’ well-defined body refers deliberately to ancient sculptures.


The Victorian and Albert Museum in London hosts an exhibition dedicated to the divas of the past and today, to the cultural and iconographic value they have dressed, as well as to the clothes they have worn. Ranging from fashion, photography, design, costumes DIVA was born with the intent to celebrate the unique stories made of creativity, ambition of some of the most iconic divas ever. Another very important aspect of the exhibition is surely to represent the way in which these divas have been able to influence society, often launching messages of strong political and social value